Now Trump’s been accused of throwing his own son Eric under the bus in New York deposition

Now Trump’s been accused of throwing his own son Eric under the bus in New York deposition

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We should all know by now that former US president Donald Trump tends to point the finger of blame at others instead of accepting his own failures – his constant refusal to accept the results of the legitimate 2020 election which he lost being the most well-known example – but now the businessman has been accused of going as far as to throw his own children under the bus amid his ongoing legal troubles.

On this occasion it’s the $250m civil lawsuit in New York, filed by New York attorney general Letitia James in September last year, which accuses Trump, his three children and the Trump Organization of business fraud by inflating the value of business assets and Trump’s net worth for financial benefit.

The case is separate to the Manhattan indictment on the same issue, as that concerns criminal charges. Trump maintains his innocence with regards to the two cases.

Both, however, refer to the fact that ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to tax evasion, lying to Congress and campaign finance violations in 2018, in relation to alleged hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels – another part of the puzzle, so to speak.

And now, Cohen has accused his former client of “throwing his own kids under the bus” following Trump’s deposition (that’s the fancy term for the act of giving sworn evidence, by the way) released on Wednesday.

“I keep repeating myself over and over and over. Donald doesn’t care about anyone [sic] of you and will look to make you the scapegoat,” Mr Cohen wrote on Twitter/X on Saturday.

During the deposition, Mr Trump was asked if he is “currently the person with ultimate decision-making authority for the Trump Organization”, to which he replied, “no”.

When he was questioned on who does have such an authority, the ex-Potus responded: “My son Eric is much more involved with it than I am. I’ve been doing other things – and I guess you could say on something major, final decisions, whatever.

“But I’ve been much less involved in it than… over the last five years – five or six years – than ever before.”


And if you think that’s ruthless, you should see the other comments on Twitter/X mercilessly mocking Eric and expressing no surprise that Trump has made such a remark:

If James is successful in her lawsuit, then a $250m penalty could be issued, the Trumps could all be banned from serving as officers or directors for a company in New York, and the Trump Organization could be blocked from buying any real estate in the state for the next five years.

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