Trump’s ‘Never Surrender’ sneakers has aged terribly

Trump’s ‘Never Surrender’ sneakers has aged terribly
Trump unveils golden $399 sneakers after fraud fine
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You’d like to think politicians future-proof their slogans for any potential PR disasters before launching them publicly, but when we’re talking about Donald Trump and ‘Never Surrender’, you have to manage your expectations a fair bit.

After previously embarrassing himself by selling ‘Never Surrender’ T-shirts featuring a mugshot from when he… well… surrendered to law enforcement, the former US president unveiled his own pair of golden sneakers last month – dubbed ‘Never Surrender’ – a day after he was slapped with a fine totalling more than $355 million at the end of his civil fraud trial.

While the aforementioned T-shirts were selling for $34 each, the shoes ‘sold out’ at the shocking price of $399 a pop.

Well, that is until another site known simply as Sporty Slip-Ons appeared to put some on sale, but they’re currently heavily discounted, with the price cut all the way down to $99.99.

Other stores purporting to sell the limited edition shoes are also flogging the footwear at the same price, although indy100 has been unable to verify their legitimacy (that would involve actually purchasing the sneakers, and we’re not that silly).

And so, social media has had a field day pointing out and laughing at the fact that people selling shoes titled ‘Never Surrender’ have surrendered to the fact that the sneakers aren’t really selling very well:

The shoes were also ridiculed by hit Amazon Prime Video series The Boys earlier this week, when the fictitious and shadowy organisation Vought International ‘announced’ the release of $777 ‘Homelander High-Tops’, with proceeds funding the corrupt and psychopathic superhero’s “sham of a [murder] trial”.

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