The Boys brutally roast Donald Trump's golden sneakers with Homelander parody

The Boys brutally roast Donald Trump's golden sneakers with Homelander parody

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for season three of The Boys.

The dark and subversive superhero series The Boys has repeatedly parodied cultural trends and US politicians (namely Donald Trump) – from Kendall Jenner’s infamous Pepsi ad to Gal Gadot’s cringeworthy “Imagine” video which did the rounds in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic – and now, it’s taken aim at Trump and his $399 golden sneakers dubbed the ‘Never Surrender’.

To recap, the former US president launched the shoes last month, a day after he was slapped with an eye-watering fine of more than $350 million by a New York judge at the end of the politician’s high profile civil fraud case.

Meanwhile Homelander – a parody of Superman, played by Antony Starr, in a world where superheroes are actually morally corrupt – is on a similar trajectory in the hit Amazon Prime Video series, with recent promotions for its upcoming fourth season referencing a “sham of a trial” for the villain.

At the end of the third season, when Homelander introduces his son Ryan to his adoring fans, a protester throws a drink at his child, only to be killed by Homelander in anger with his brainwashed supporters cheering him on despite the blatant murder.

Vought International, the shadowy organisation which manages superheroes such as Homelander, released a video from its CEO Ashley Barrett (yes, the one referenced in that viral ‘Ashley, look at me’ sound from TikTok) revealed that “in the coming months, Homelander will stand trial for saving his son from a vicious, Starlight-loving thug” – Starlight being a female superhero who blew the whistle on supergroup The Seven in the third season.

Now this week, Vought has shared shoes they’re calling ‘Homelander High-Tops’, which are a very clear dig at Trump’s ‘Never Surrender’ sneakers.

They wrote: “Based on our greatest hero’s boots, these shoes will make you feel like you can fly. Available at a Super deal of $777, with all proceeds going to his legal defense fund.

“Get yours before his sham of a trial on June 13.”

And fans of the show love the biting satire:

The fourth season of The Boys is set to be released on 13 June, with The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan confirmed as one of the actors joining the cast in the new season.

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