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Apple just removed a useful feature from iOS 11 and people are furious

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Apple have controversially chosen to remove the 3D Touch multitasking tool from iOS 11.

There are plenty of cool new features on the new iOS, including the ability to film what is happening on the phone, which may have a few people concerned.

However, Apple have decided that the multitasking option, which lots of people used, was no longer needed, even though Design Taxi report that it was presented during the recent iPhone 6S launch event.

If you are unfamiliar with what we are talking about, the feature allowed users to easily switch between apps by pressing on the left of the screen and then scrolling through those that were open.

It isn't entirely different from the traditional double tap of the home button option but was considered to be a lot faster.

There is a quick demonstration of it in action in the video below.

Some people did believe that it might have been due to a bug that was overlooked, but Apple have since confirmed that is was intentionally removed with little other explanation.

People were not happy.

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