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Apple's Bendygate affair: Day three

We wrote yesterday about how Apple was experiencing something of a nightmare week.

But things are still somehow getting worse, with $23billion wiped off Apple's market value yesterday when shares fell by three per cent.

Investors are apparently not impressed after the company faced an admittedly small number of claims its flagship smartphone the iPhone 6 Plus, released recently to great fanfare, was susceptible to bending in people's pockets.

Apple was also forced to issue a further update to its new mobile operating system, iOS 8.0.2, after what is thought to have been the unprecedented move of withdrawing the previous update when promised fixes to minor glitches actually saw major flaws - including the disabling of Touch ID and the ability to make calls - introduced instead.

Things could have been so much simpler, however, if Apple had only listened to Donald Trump, who claimed on Twitter to have intended the iPhone 6 Plus.

Meanwhile, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales tried to reassure Apple executives by guessing what late Apple CEO Steve Jobs would have thought about the bendable iPhone furore.

More as we get it.

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