17 of the weirdest questions ever asked on Yahoo Answers
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One of the internet’s great treasure troves of strangeness and absurdity, Yahoo Answers is being closed down for good on 4th May.

The website, which is essentially an open Q & A forum for literally any question that was on someone’s mind, had been live since 2005 but due to the popularity of similar sites like Reddit and Quora, it will be discontinued for good in less than a month’s time.

An announcement at the top of the Yahoo Answers homepage states that no one will be able to submit questions from 20th April. Active users will also have until the end of June to request any of their data before it is deleted forever.

Anyone visiting the site after 4th May will be immediately directed back to the Yahoo homepage.

The move is perhaps inevitable as Yahoo Answers had seen its popularity wane and it had been taken over by more and more right-wing conspiracy theorists and general grossness but once upon a time, the website had been the modern-day equivalent of the Library of Alexandria, where it was possible to find the answer to all of life’s mysteries.

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It was also a place where the great philosophical questions of our times would be posted, often without context, providing us with some much-needed hilarity often thanks to their spelling mistakes.

Given the news that it would be leaving us for good in the near future, social media has been awash with some of the most bonkers things ever posted on Yahoo Answers and here are some of our favourites.

How big is the ‘specific’ ocean?

How is the ‘babby’ formed?

Are Pokemon are real?

What did my dad just say?

Very popular techno song?

Can I name my band Radiohead 2?

Am I gregnant?

I don't speak Spanish

Which is worse?

How do I use the internet?

What song is ‘Royal Royals?’

How do you get YouTube to come film you?

If Batman parents are died, then how was he born?

What is a phobia of chainsaws called?

What is the right age to start teaching my dog about sex?

Help my nipple fell off

Will my laptop get heavier if I put more files on it?

We think that’s enough of that for one day.

RIP Yahoo Answers. We won’t see your kind again for quite some time.

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