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Donald Trump Jr, president Trump's eldest son, has called out Instagram for allegedly removing him and president Trump from search suggestions.

Writing on his Instagram account, Trump Jr called out the platform for failing to display his or his father's Instagram handles, despite the fact they've both got very large followings, as well as criticising the platform's 'shadow banning' of conservative accounts, reports Breitbart.

In the post, he wrote:

Hey @Instagram I’m sure this is totally a coincidence (like all the other total coincidences against conservative accounts) but when I search my actual handle and other variations of my name I don’t show up at all in your search engine, and my father didn’t make it either despite having 14,600,000 followers and the same name as me.

Again I’m sure it’s totally an anomaly so I wanted to share, and I’ve attached screenshots from just now so you can see. A few friends pointed this out to me so I figured I’d reach out as it would seem odd to me that an account with almost 2m followers and The President Of The United States (because he has the same name) doesn’t show up in a search but a lot of accounts with virtually no followers do.

I know you like to Shadow-Ban accounts like mine, but I work hard on my content and try to give my followers a view into my life and would love it if you didn’t make it hard for them to see my posts and for me to gain new followers. Hopefully me saying something here like when I called you out for deleting my posts on Jesse Smollett and when you took my new followers down to zero a few years ago despite millions of impressions that week will get you to do the right thing regarding this account and many others like it who may not buy fully into your left wing ideology. Thanks.

This isn't the first time Donald Trump Jr has criticised Instagram. In February, people who followed him on Instagram claimed that their accounts had mysteriously unfollowed him, and the social media platform also deleted a post from Trump Jr about Jussie Smollett, in what was described by the tech firm as a 'mistake'.

A spokeswoman for Facebook told Breitbart:

We have resolved the situation and we are undertaking an immediate review to determine what caused this.

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