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Elon Musk reveals how you're accidentally making your Twitter experience worse

Elon Musk now holds World Record for greatest loss of wealth

Elon Musk has let us all know something we are doing that might be making our Twitter experience worse.

Writing on Twitter (where else) the platform's owner explained that "trashing accounts" will encourage Twitter to show a user similar accounts, adding that the policy is "not actually wrong".

He wrote: "Trashing accounts that you hate will cause our algorithm to show you more of those accounts, as it is keying off of your interactions.

"Basically saying if you love trashing *that* account, then you will probably also love trashing *this* account. Not actually wrong lol."

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Since Musk took over Twitter he has implemented a lot of changes, from allowing people to pay for blue ticks to creating new symbols to show whether an account is verified or not.

Most of these changes have been pretty unpopular and he recently lost a Twitter poll he started himself questioning whether he should resign as CEO of the platform or not.

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