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Every time Apple updates their operating system for iPhone and iPad they always chuck in a few surprising new features.

The latest update that has people talking involves the ability to record the screen on your device for whatever reason you see fit.

Even a Modern Family cast member is excited.

How do you record your iPhone screen?

Here's how to make it happen in four simple steps:

Add Screen Recording to your Control Centre.

Go to Settings > Control Centre > Customize Controls, then tap the green box next to Screen Recording.

Open the Control Centre.

Do this by simply swiping upwards from the bottom of your phone. You can do this anytime, but if your phone is locked you'll probably have to unlock it.

Tap the grey record button and wait for the three-second countdown.

The three seconds gives you a moment to set up.

Want sound?

To record sound, push firmly on the grey record button which reveals more options, including 'Microphone Audio'.

To stop recording

Open the control centre and tap the red stop button.

Where's my picture?

The recording will be in your photos app.

Why might this be problematic?

If you record a Snapchat or video call, the person being recorded will have absolutely no idea it's happening. They won't get a notification saying you are capturing their video and sound - this could be a worrying violation of privacy.

Can the video be edited afterwards?

Absolutely, simply select the "edit" function on your video and you're good to go.

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