Hurricane Ian flooding captured on stunning aerial video

With any world event there are bound to be people who create conspiracy theories around it - and Hurricane Ian hitting Southwest Florida is no different.

An Instagram reel from a musician named Jimmy Levy was screen-recorded and posted to Twitter where he questions the strength of Hurricane Ian by accusing a weather reporter of being an "actor".

In the reel, Levy shares footage of a CNN reporter fighting back against strong winds while reporting from Bradenton, Florida. In the background of the report, a pedestrian walks towards their car- seemingly less affected by the winds.

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"Notice the guy in the background walking to his car casually while this horrible actor pretends that he is struggling," Levy writes in a long rant. "I don't know about you but I'm tired of this show."

Seemingly, the reel was deleted from Levy's Instagram but Mallory Demille shared it to Twitter.

Levy goes on to accuse "the show" of making wars, storms, labels, personalities, drugs, hate, division, money, and 'running the Matrix'.

Footage of other weather reports fighting against Hurricane Ian as they conduct a live report have circulated around the internet.

In two separate posts on Instagram Levy also added that he believes Hurricane Ian is not from climate change but from "weather manipulators" who will use drastic weather to implement "lockdowns".

Anti-climate change and extreme weather conspiracies are not uncommon amongst right-wing people. Earlier this year, people created a conspiracy around the tsunami that hit Tonga.

People mocked Levy's post for denying the hurricane's strength.

Levy has posted about being anti-Covid vaccine on his Instagram page and showed support for the Canadian Trucker's Convoy.

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