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Ivanka Trump mocked after claiming her father's administration helped achieve 'quantum supremacy'

Ivanka Trump mocked after claiming  her father's administration helped achieve 'quantum supremacy'

Ivanka Trump's adventures on Instagram have continued this week after she falsely claimed that her father's own administration were responsible for a highly significant scientific discovery on Wednesday.

Just a few days after spelling 'Nobel Peace Prize' incorrectly on the image-sharing platform, the president's eldest daughter was proud to announce that the USA and the Trump administration had contributed to 'quantum supremacy.'

In a post that she shared on Wednesday, Ivanka wrote:

It's official the USA has achieved quantum supremacy! US in collaboration w/ the Trump Admin & UC Santa Barbara, Google quantum computer Sycamore has completed a calculation in 3 min 20 sec that would take about 10,000 years for a classical comp.

#QIS is a critical industry of the future. That's why @POTUS signed the National Quantum Initiative Act-record level funding for quantum R&D - into law 2018. We're proud to have contributed to this major milestone, quantum supremacy, and usher in the next gen of quantum tech in America.

The 37-year-old also shared the news in a tweet.

If you aren't quite up to speed with you science and technology stories, the 'quantum supremacy' is a complex mathematical equation which a Sycamore quantum processor reportedly completed in 3 minutes and 20 seconds, which is a phenomenal achievement considering that it would take a normal computer 10,000 years to do the exact same task.

However, IBM, who is a competitor to Google in the quantum computing market, has already disputed the achievement. They are claiming that although quantum computers are faster than the average machine, they cannot be called 'supreme' because it is not performing a function that is beyond the capabilities of a standard desktop.

With that in mind, Ivanka's claim that the Trump administration had directly contributed to 'quantum supremacy' by merely signing a piece of paper 12 months ago, is being mercilessly mocked online.

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