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Local baffled by mysterious 'UFO' hovering in the sky

Local baffled by mysterious 'UFO' hovering in the sky
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A mysterious spinning ‘UFO’ has been spotted in the night sky by a stunned local.

The brightly illuminated object is seen spinning in the air, but it appears to hover above a mountain.

The shocked onlooker zooms in on the mysterious aircraft while saying in wonder: “It’s moving.”

The hovering UFO was filmed in the village of Honorato Vásquez, Ecuador, on Tuesday (9 Sept) evening.

The local authorities have yet to respond to claims that the object was from outer space.

One local said: “I believe it.”

Manuel wrote: “Those crazy aliens.”

Yet Eddy joked: “In that drone there, you wouldn’t even be able to fit two-quarters of a Martian!”

It followed an alleged aerial battle between military personnel and several alien spaceships in Argentina this month. Scared locals claimed that the military base was attacked by four black triangular-shaped UFOs.

Scores of residents gathered outside the Commander Espora Air Naval Base near Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, as thunderous noises sounded from within the perimeter walls.

The Commission for the Study of UFO Phenomena of the Argentine Republic, an organisation dedicated to investigating alleged alien sightings, claimed to have information that there were four UFOs seen attacking the military base.

The group said the alien spacecrafts were black and triangular in shape and that Argentine troops fired at them with anti-aircraft weapons. Group spokesperson Andrea Pérez Simondini said witnesses saw “four lights entering the territory from across the ocean before taking a strategic position over one of the buildings where ammunition is stored”.

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However, the military authorities have denied that the base was under attack and claimed that the videos were faked by unscrupulous locals.

Navy spokesperson Captain Germán Luis Zarralanga said their Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King helicopter was taking part in a training exercise that night, but was not involved in any kind of altercation with other aircraft.

When discussing the social media footage, the spokesperson said: “It’s an edit. I don’t know what their intentions were. “Airport security and airport workers did not report seeing anything, and everyone at the base was sleeping except for the person piloting the helicopter. There was no type of special activity, no tactical manoeuvres, just a normal helicopter training flight, nothing related to ammunition.”

One local commented: “Incredible! How many UFOs? I can't believe it! Amazing. An interplanetary war has begun.” Another said: “Are you telling me that it was one of the first-ever confrontations between humans and UFOs and we shot them down?”

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