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'Lifechanging' phone spacebar hack is blowing the internet's mind

'Lifechanging' phone spacebar hack is blowing the internet's mind
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Advancements in smartphone technology are incredible, for the most part.

Being able to transcribe a message with a voice is incredible. Autocorrect is a God-send. Creating group chats is critical.

But everyone still has those moments when you think, ‘how have they not found the technology to fix this.’

Take for example, when you make a mistake in a text message and need to place the cursor somewhere else to fix it.

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The cursor never lands where you want it to and you end up hunched over your phone, sweating with frustration, trying to use the tip of your pointer finger to fix it.

But before you throw your phone into the ocean, you should know there’s an easier way to do it and you're not the only one who may not have know about it.

Twitter user ask_aubry shared an image of a cartoon saying, “when typing on mobile, you can slide on the spacebar to move the cursor.”


You can... what?

That's right. By holding down the space bar in a text message, you can move the cursor more accurately and easily to whatever part of the message you want to fix.

People responded to the tweet, baffled.



The hack works on iPhones, as well as Google devices. It is unclear if it works on Androids.

For some devices, you may need to long-hold the spacebar to access the feature.



Other cellphone hacks like being able to improve your signal no matter where you are, iPhone 'back taps', and more have gone viral for teaching people things they didn't know about their phones.

These things should just come with a handbook.

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