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MrBeast is coming soon to Fortnite as a character ‘skin’ - apparently

MrBeast is coming soon to Fortnite as a character ‘skin’ - apparently
Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Cinematic Trailer

The most subscribed YouTuber on the video sharing platform, Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson, has certainly done a few wild things with his internet fame – from creating a “real life” version of Netflix’s Squid Game to launching a campaign to plant 20 million trees to combat the climate crisis.

Now, it seems the content creator has managed to nab his own character ‘skin’ in the hit online game Fortnite, which concluded its third chapter with a “finale event” titled “Fracture” on Saturday night.

The cutscene shows an android-like character in space, watching as tentacles pull together a new island for Battle Royale players to compete on in Chapter Four, and at one point spotting the Hulk cycling through the cosmos – another character rumoured to be playable in the game’s next iteration.

However, that wasn’t all, as one of said tentacles had wrapped itself around the leg of a flailing character who looks a lot like Donaldson, complete with a neon logo jumper, moustache and short fringe.

Needless to say, some Twitter users couldn’t believe the potential crossover, with one writing: “Is f***ing MrBeast coming to Fortnite?”

“MrBeast is officially the guy from Fornite,” joked FaZe Clan, the e-sports and entertainment collective.

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A third commented: “Laughing at how the Fortnite line-up for Chapter 4 is: Geno, the mastermind behind the IO who threatened reality and reformed himself for revenge; Doomslayer, a hunter who has slayed demons; Hulk (616), [an] omniversal threat that has destroyed gods.

“MrBeast: millionaire.”


But with more than 115 million subscribers on YouTube, we can imagine a few people will be quite interested in getting their hands on the feature.

Further details on how players can obtain the MrBeast skin – such as whether it will be available as part of the game’s paid Battle Pass system – are yet to be revealed.

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