Lucky winner of YouTuber MrBeast’s Squid Game recreation bags $456,000

Lucky winner of YouTuber MrBeast’s Squid Game recreation bags $456,000

One lucky winner took home $456,000 (£341,000) after winning all the challenges in a recreation of the Netflix megahit TV series Squid Game.

Number 079 – Tryzon - beat out 455 competitors in challenges viewers will recognise from the show such as Red Light, Green Light, the dalgona challenge, tug of war, marbles and the glass stepping stones to bag the jackpot.

(They skipped out on the part from the show where the contestants are killed... for obvious reasons).

The dystopian drama took the world by storm when it was released back in September and YouTuber MrBeast decided to create a real-life version of the show himself.

He and sponsors Brawl Stars, a mobile game, reportedly spent a whopping $2m (£1.4m) on recreating the iconic sets. They then invited 456 contestants to compete for a chance to win the $456,000 (£341,000) cash prize.

Combining the cost of the sets, production and cash prizes, an eye-watering $3.6million (£2.6m) was spent in total.

“I recreated every single step from Squid Game in real-life,” Mr Beast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, begins by saying.

Pretty much everyone at this rate has watched Squid Game so the YouTuber had to create some twists and turns along the way to keep both the contestants and viewers in suspense.

This meant contestants did not know what dalgona shape they were going to get, and offering contestants $4,000 each at one point to quit, and tracking contestants on who they spoke to the most in challenges and getting them to pair up in the marbles challenge.

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For the finale, instead of playing the show’s namesake named after a Korean childhood game, contestants play a more familiar challenge from their American childhoods - a tense game of musical chairs - with the eerie soundtrack from the show serving as the music.

While the show is known for its gory killings of contestants, there’s no need to worry about this in this version - no one gets harmed.

So how exactly do people get eliminated?

At the start of the video, Mr Beast explained: “Every single player has a device strapped to them, that when they’re eliminated, it pops.

After previously teasing the video, Mr Beast certainly divided the internet over his homage to the drama which is said to be a critical commentary on late-stage capitalism as some noted the irony and thought he missed this point.

Despite these criticisms, it has already been viewed over 54 million times within a day of the 25-minute video being uploaded.

Since uploading the recreation, people have been sharing their thoughts.

People couldn’t help but notice the glaring Brawl Stars logos plastered throughout the challenges.

Though there were some who remained critical of the YouTuber recreating the show due to its social commentary on South Korea’s economic problems.

While contestants who participated in Mr Beast’s version of Squid Game appeared to share some behind the scenes photos and thanked the YouTuber for the experience.

There we are, then.

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