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Mystery sea creature leaves everyone baffled

Mystery sea creature leaves everyone baffled
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Footage of a strange-looking creature spotted swimming near a bridge in South Carolina has even left everyone perplexed as to what it could be.

In the viral clip, it shows something clearly swimming in the waters near Pawleys Island but it is not clear exactly what species it is, though it looks like it does have a beak and wings or fins of some kind that keeps itself afloat but doesn't look like a typical outline of a bird.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources had no idea as to what it could be.

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“The people in my office are mostly stumped, but we’re not the experts,” an official with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources told WCNC, NBC's Charlotte station in North Carolina.

One law enforcement officer suggested that the creature could be a squid, though still remain unsure as to its identity.

What is it? Mysterious creature spotted in Pawleys Island, South

So the video has been sent to The Marine Resources Research Institute in Charleston, and they are currently studying the footage in the hopes of providing an identification to end the mystery.

Meanwhile, WCNC-TV's Meteorologist Brad Panovich shared his thoughts on what the creature could be.

“At first, I thought it was a cuttlefish,” he said but now thinks it could be a sea hare or sea slug.

“They can be pretty large, and they do swim in the water like that,” Panovich said.

However, he did note that they're not typically found in South Carolina and are "more of a Florida and West Coast thing," in warmer waters.

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