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Dietician reveals real reason we wash our fruit and veg

Dietician reveals real reason we wash our fruit and veg
Should You Wash Fruits and Vegetables With Soap?
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A dietician has revealed the real reason we wash our fruit and veg – and it's not why you may think.

Nichole (@oncology.nutrition.rd) has amassed over 170,000 followers on TikTok for frequently sharing nutrition facts.

In one viral clip, Nichole said: "You’re washing your fruits and veggies to get rid of the bacteria, not to get rid of herbicides and pesticides."

She went on to suggest, "the herbicides and pesticides are at very, very safe levels … on both conventional and organic."

When it comes to washing your produce, she urged people to not place them in the sink as they will "be immersed in the bacteria that's in your sink."


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It didn't take long for comments to flood the clip, with one writing: "Organic produce even tastes better than conventional. It must be better. I’ll continue buying organic."

Another suggested: "Water is not enough!! You should see the film that comes off my produce after I soak them!!"

Meanwhile, a third claimed: "You follow this, you will end up sick. Clean your fruits and vegetables because of parasites, and pesticides."

That said, 94 per cent of dieticians believed marketing around pesticides can lead to excessive concerns around food safety, according to a small study published in Healthline.

"The best way to wash fresh produce before eating it is with cool water. Using other substances is largely unnecessary. Plus they're often not as effective as water and gentle friction. Commercial cleaners should never be used on food," the outlet later clarified.

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