Do people still play Pokemon Go? Apparently so, and something weird is happening on there.

A bizarre new Pokemon has appeared on the game called nothing but 'Pokemon 891' and fans don't know what to do as they have literally never seen the creature before.

The little critter appears to have the body of a ghost, the head of a hardware nut, with a single eye staring out at you from the middle of the hole.

This sounds odd, but then again Pokemon is a game that has a creature called Trubbish which is literally a bag of rubbish with a face, so we aren't that surprised.

Anyway, one of the strangest things about the 891 is that no one has technically been able to catch one, despite it actually being in the game.

We say technically, as when it is caught it automatically defers into the classic Pokemon Ditto.

Clueless gamers have been sharing images of the Pokemon on Twitter and asking what on Earth is going on?

Some players have been suggesting that it's Niantic Labs (the Pokemon Go developer) way of introducing another creature into the game.

Nobody has been able to get a firm confirmation of what is happening with 891 but, according to Mashable,all the sightings have come in Europe or the Asia Pacific region, and coincided with Chikorita Community Day events.

To make matters even more confusing, Kento Suga, Pokemon Go's global marketing lead, tweeted a picture of 891 accompanied only with the caption "???"

We're honestly baffled as to what's going on here but we just hope it doesn't cause any anti-Pokemon violence.

HT Mashable

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