<p>It looks so much fun to let your sim hoover </p>

It looks so much fun to let your sim hoover

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There are many reasons why people love playing The Sims, but one of them is the everyday mundane tasks that you tend to hate in real life, such as cleaning.

Now, players can pay $4.99 to add another level with Bust The Dust and add hoovering to the list of housework that Sims characters need to do.

Cleaning has always been a feature in all four iterations of the Sims’ franchise. One of the most popular additions to the game was the introduction of laundry in the Sims 3 Ambitions expansion pack.

You’ve always had to clean the dishes, once in a while give the kitchen counter a good old scrub and hygiene is a need that has remained constant. You can, of course, create a Sim with a more slobby personality and they’ll be completely unbothered by the mess around them.

Bust The Dust is a part of a new move from the Sims’ team called kits, which adds content and gameplay to your existing base game without having to get an expansion pack, game pack or stuff pack, which tend to be more expensive than kits.

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The main feature of this kit is just dust... Your Sims’ homes will become coated in an ever-growing layer of lint and general debris and, if you do not vacuum it up, the dust bunny will come and nibble on it. Just like your mum, your Sim will become embarrassed if guests come round and you haven’t hoovered.

While kits might be new, adding content to your game isn't. The first expansion pack Livin’ Large was released in 2000 and since then it was been a way to enhance your fun.

Later, stuff packs were added to the product line up during The Sims 2 and then in the Sims 4, they introduced game packs which added missions to the relatively pointless game, which is arguably its USP.

Alongside Bust the Dust, you can also add Throwback Fit and Country Kitchen kits.

If you ask what on earth would pretending to clean when you haven’t done your dinner dishes from last night, we bet that hoovering in the Sims is probably miles more fun than in real life...

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