Tesla’s new Model S features an autonomous driving system, which is sort of like an advanced form of cruise control. It’s awesome.

The car uses 12 ultrasonic sensors and GPS to maintain distance and speed, making appropriate changes as it goes. It cannot read traffic lights or signs, or make navigational turns, but it can follow traffic and the road, and even change lane, effectively driving the car for you in traffic jams or on long roads.

The new model was reviewed by Jalopnik’s Michael Ballaban, whose nerves were apparent as he tried to put his trust in the technology.

Ballaban, despite initial fear, reviewed the model very highly, praising the automation even with the limitations.

We may love driving, but that’s just it. We love driving. We don’t love sitting in traffic, chewing on our nails and letting ourselves go nuts with the tedium. We don’t love worrying that we’re going to pass out from boredom and smack into someone else’s Toyota.

We think it looks incredible too.

Watch the full video, below:

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