This great jewellery keeps women safe without victim-blaming

Rape and sexual assault are unfortunately a fact of life for women everywhere.

In the UK, one in five women has been the victim of sexual violence, and the fear of attack keeps many women looking over their shoulder on the way home or not taking the risks that their male friends would.

It's no surprise, then, that an IndieGoGo project for a discrete and easy way to keep women safe has sparked such interest.

When pressed, the tiny Athena button automatically sends texts to your emergency contacts with your location, and sounds an ear-splitting alarm that could help prevent an attack in the first place.

The project smashed its fundraising goal of £20,000 and at the time of writing has received £102,000 in pledges.

Roar for Good co-founder Yasmin Mustafa got the idea for the wearable tech when she went travelling solo in South America and met many women, both locals and backpackers, who had been assaulted.

When she returned home to Philadelphia, the rape of a local woman shocked the entrepreneur and her co-founder Anthony Gold into trying to create a product to make a difference.

We built this device to help save lives... Athena is the next generation of wearable technology. It helps empower women to live their lives boldly, without fear.

Named after Greek goddess of both wisdom and war, Athena can be used to keep anyone safe, but Roar For Good has the goal of preventing assaults against women at the forefront of their philosophy.

The company talked to thousands of women about their experiences and ran extensive prototype testing to make sure the device overcomes several problems that exist with current rape alarms.

Unlike devices like pepper spray, Athena can't be used against the victim if she is overpowered, and it's safe to take through airports.

It can be worn as a necklace or clipped on anywhere on the body or clothes, and since it's not attached the wrist like other attack alarms, the wearer can use both hands to activate it if necessary.

The activation button is recessed to help prevent accidentally setting it off and designed to be activated without the alarm going off if necessary.

Athena will be available to buy internationally from May 2016 at the price of around £65, and is available in rose gold, silver or black.

A portion of profits will go to charities that teach healthy relationships to children to tackle the root causes of violence against women, the company says.

Our goal is that one day devices like Athena will no longer be necessary.

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