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You know all those people whose main complaint about the election was that they were "sick of it clogging up their feeds"?

Say a little prayer for them, their plight may have gotten worse.

On Saturday CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey published an apology and an explanation to hundreds of thousands of Twitter users who against their intention were receiving tweets from Donald Trump.

The poor devils.

As the Trump inauguration drew closer, the White House had to decide what to do with the President's official Twitter account.

In order to maintain a clean break between presidents, the @POTUS tweets written during the Obama Administration were archived under a new account @POTUS44 (Obama being the 44th President).

The @POTUS account was wiped, ready for use by then president-elect Trump when he assumed power on Friday.

Things went wrong, and anyone trying to follow the Obama account @POTUS44 were mistakenly set to following Trump's @POTUS account.

Dorsey explained on Twitter:

At 12 pm Eastern Time (just as Donald Trump took the oath of office) Twitter enacted a transition plan was intended to make followers of @POTUS also followers of @POTUS44.

Then there were some hiccups:

Dorsey apologised to the 560,000 people these mistakes affected.

Similar problems were encountered when transferring followers from the accounts of the Vice President, the White House Press Secretary, and the White House itself.

Dorsey stated the issues were sorted.

Which is a relief if you would rather not receive notifications at 2 am for the next four years.

Or eight.


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