What one of Britain's leading academics can teach us about sex

David Spiegelhalter is the Winton Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk in the Statistical Laboratory at Cambridge University.

Like most people, he's very interested in sex. But in an article for the Daily Mail, Professor Spiegelhalter details how the latest research shows British people are having less and less of it.

If the trend continues, you could, rather naively, predict that by 2040 the average person will not be having any sex at all.

The reason? Experts believe we have more things competing for our time, which means sex is less of a priority.

Professor Spiegelhalter also revealed the statistic that men think about sex every seven seconds in nothing more than a "old wives' tale"

Despite the decline in Britons having sex there are around 1,800 sexual encounters in the UK every minute - which is exhausting just to think about.

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