Ten 'world exclusives' about Brangelina's divorce that finally came true

Angelina Jolie filed for divorce on Tuesday, beginning the end of her two-year marriage to Brad Pitt.

Jennifer Aniston memes have saturated the internet while tabloid newspapers scrambled to hunt down the secrets related to the marriage’s supposed failure.

It's not the first time publications have reported on the couple's relationship of course...

1. Apparently they had been planning to 'live apart' as early as 2004

2. Another 'exclusive', in which Angelina has an affair with a dialect coach

3. An 'exclusive' in 2009 has them fighting their last fight

4. Angelina's brother gets involved in this 'exclusive' breakup story

5. And in 2015 they're both photographed with respective beaus...

6. Oh and Angelina was going to adopt without Brad in this exclusive

7. EXCLUSIVE! Brad Pitt is banned from communal bedroom

8. And yet another expensive divorce story

9. Secret divorce papers in 2015...

10. And she turns her back on him forever

The tabloids were right. They were just a few years too early.

H/T Page Six

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