AMAs: Taylor Swift calls on people to vote in acceptance speech and the internet loved it

AMAs: Taylor Swift calls on people to vote in acceptance speech and the internet loved it

You could be forgiven for thinking that Taylor Swift is running for office, as the pop superstar is in full-on political campaign mode at the moment.

Last night, the 28-year-old won artist of the year at the American Music Awards, which she was obviously very happy about.

In her acceptance speech, she said the usual thank you's, but the most notable part of her address was when she encouraged everyone to go out and vote in the mid-terms.

This award and every single award given out tonight were voted on by the people, and you know what else is voted on by the people?

It is the midterm election on 6 November. Get out and vote. I love you guys. 

This comes just a few days after Swift announced on Instagram which way she would be voting in the midterms by endorsing the Democratic candidate for Tennessee due to her opposition of Republican candidate Marsha Blackburn.

The star has been coy about her political views throughout her career, but these recent announcements are clearly causing a stir in America.

Not only has Donald Trump already said that he likes Taylor Swift's music "25 per cent less", but she has also inspired young people to register to vote with having 65,000 registrations in 24-hours since Swift's post.

Comedian Billy Eichner, referenced Swift's newfound political career earlier in the evening:

Young people of America, the biggest election of our life is happening. Go to like Taylor Swift told you to.

Swift's legions of fans and political commentators loved her short but to-the-point tweet and began to shower her with praise on Twitter.

Swift's words have already provoked a reaction from Marsha Blackburn, who has insisted that she is an advocate for women's rights.

She is quoted by Fox News as saying:

Of course, I support women and I want violence to end against women. I've been very active in abuse shelters and child advocacy centres.

I've been advocating for women in equal pay since I was 19 years old and making certain that woman have the opportunity for maximum pay and have a good record on that.

We're getting ready the Music Modernization Act that I helped steer through Congress. It's going to be signed on Thursday by the president. I've been very active in that and Taylor Swift will benefit by that.


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