Arnold Schwarzenegger's iPhone case is quite possibly the best thing you'll ever see

Legendary Hollywood action star and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new iPhone case - and it's superb.

Making inspired use of the three camera lenses on the rear of the Apple iPhone 11, the design features Arnie himself in a famous scene from his classic 1985 action flick Commando ("Let off some steam, Bennett") in which he wields an enormous, four-barrelled rocket launcher against the villainous mercenaries who kidnapped his daughter, with agreeably violent results.

Answering a Q&A on Reddit, Schwarzenegger explained:

Since I do a lot of selfies as anyone who follows me knows, the media have been laughing at me about this. 

But I also wear shirts with my face on it, so they should not be surprised.

The design is available to buy online for $22.99 (£17.87) and some of the proceeds go to USC Schwarzenegger Institute for State & Global Policy, which works to fight political gerrymandering.

Never afraid to laugh at himself, Arnie recently appeared in a hip-hop video called "Pump It Up" and has been a regular thorn in the side of President Trump, whom he succeeded as host of The Celebrity Apprentice.

HT Bored Panda

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