Last year, Baby Yoda, or 'The Child' from the Star WarsThe Mandalorian Disney+ TV series became the viral sensation that nobody could get enough of.

Seriously, nobody could get enough of the little guy and the internet was awash with memes featuring him.

Well unfortunately for Yoda, there is a new Star Wars baby in town and he might be even cuter.

Step-forward Baby Jabba (inspired by the gangster Jabba the Hutt) which is a creation by 3D character-development artist Leonardo Viti.

Although Viti released his creation back in December 2019 it has only just caught the imagination of Star Wars fans and has become an overnight viral sensation.

However, there were those who were keen to defend Baby Yoda as still being the king of cute in the Star Wars universe, with some even branding Baby Jabba a 'maggot,' which is a bit harsh (he's just a baby, he can't help what he looks like).

Amazingly there already was a 'Baby Jabba' but he was called Rotta and appeared in The Clone Wars TV series, which only hardcore Star Wars fans have watched.

All we need now is Baby Chewbacca and all will be good in the world.


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