These were the best TV shows of 2016

These were the best TV shows of 2016
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YouGov has conducted a mammoth survey to wrap up 2016 which asks people to vote for the best of everything entertainment.

The two favourite films for Britons – both with fifteen per cent of the vote – were polar opposites: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, staring the wholesome Eddie Redmayne, and Deadpool, featuring Ryan Reydnolds and a whole lot of crass swearing.

The best TV show, with 23 per cent of votes was found to be Sir David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II.

Sir David beat Game of Thrones (13 per cent), The Great British Bake Off (11 per cent) and even critics' favourite Stranger Things (five per cent).

With that in mind, indy100 created its very own list. Which you can vote in.

Let's decide - which one deserves the title of Best TV Show of 2016?

Let us know by voting, below!

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