Boris Johnson revealed his favourite movie scene, and there are no words

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As the days pass, and we get closer and closer to knowing who our next prime minister will be, we're becoming more and more acquainted with the two men left in the race: Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt.

So far, we've learned that Jeremy Hunt thinks that women shouldn't be allowed to have abortions over 12 weeks and that he's also rather partial to overturning the fox hunting ban (despite an embarrassing climb down).

Likewise, we've gained an insight into Mr Johnson's world, learning that he has a penchant for making model buses out of old wine crates, and painting little people on the side of them.

Great. Just Great. Things are looking incredibly rosy.

But now, in the latest piece of trivia, Boris Johnson has revealed in an interview with the Daily Mail what his favourite ever scene in a movie is.

If you weren't already concerned, now you really, really, should be.

In response to the question 'Favourite scene in a movie?' , Mr Johnson said:

The multiple retribution killings at the end of the Godfather.


We know that Eton puts a special emphasis on classical education, but we really weren't prepared for things to get all Julius Caesar at number 10.

Needless to say, neither were other unsuspecting Twitter users.

While others noticed his favourite poem and movie selections.

Well, guys, as they say in The Life of Brian, always look on the bright side. At least it's not the horse head bedroom scene! Things could be much, much, bleaker.

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