Brexit: Alison Moyet had the most civilised debate about a second referendum

Here at The Independent, we believe the people of Britain should have a final say on the Brexit deal before Britain leaves the EU.

Our petition to have another referendum on the final deal has already surpassed 500,000 signatures.

That being said trying to debate Brexit is often easier said than done.

No matter what you voted for, the prospect of another vote, on paper, may seem like too much effort for some who would rather the government just get on with it.

'We got ourselves in this situation, so we might as well just get on with it' seems to be the mentality that a few have adopted, making it very difficult to have any sort discussion surrounding the topic.

If you do find yourself getting a little frustrated with a family member or friend when talking about Brexit then take a leaf out of world-renowned singer-songwriter Alison Moyet.

On Thursday she tweeted the following:

At first, that looks like most Tweets that you might see from a celebrity who opposes Brexit but isn't really prepared to engage with their audience on the topic.

However, when someone named Claire questioned Alison, she responded in the most thoughtful and polite way imaginable.

Low and behold, this civilised debate actually managed to change Claire's mind.

We won't say much more but perhaps Alison could teach our politicians a thing or two.

Others agree.

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