Cardi B responds to hilarious mashup of WAP and Taylor Swift song

(L) Cardi B / YouTube (M) @niamhadkins / TikTok (R) Taylor Swift / YouTube

When Cardi B dropped her song “WAP” last month, she probably didn’t think there’d ever be a Taylor Swift mashup version of it.

Especially not to one of the country music singer’s oldest (and sweetest) country-twinged songs, “You Belong With Me”.

TikTok user Niamh Adkins (@niamhadkins) uploaded the clip pretending to be Swift in the pre-chorus of the music video.

But when the video gets to the chorus, Cardi B’s “WAP” starts playing and the tone switches immediately.

Performing the TikTok dance of Cardi B’s song, Adkins (still in the character of Taylor Swift) hits the floor and twerks before ending on the splits.

The video made its way to Twitter and that’s where the WAP rapper saw it – quote-tweeting with the caption:

And people were equally as taken aback by it but lowkey loving it:


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