Dave Grohl epically trolls the Westboro Baptist Church by playing disco music right in front of them

Dave Grohl epically trolls the Westboro Baptist Church by playing disco music right in front of them

Dave Grohl and his band The Foo Fighters have once again swapped rock and roll for rock and troll, as they decided to mock Westboro Baptist Church outside their concert in Kansas on Thursday.

Members of the church, which is known for demonstrating at soldiers’ funerals and displaying deeply offensive views, were seen gathered with signs such as “God hates Pride” and “Free will is a Satanic lie” when Grohl showed up in a pick-up truck on the road next to them.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve got something to say, because you know what? I love you. I do!

“The way I look at it, is that I love everybody. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? Can’t you just love everybody? ‘Cause I think it’s about love!

“That’s what I think. We’re all about love, and you shouldn’t be hating. You know what you should be doing?

“You should be dancing,” Grohl said, before breaking into his cover of the legendary Bee Gees track of the same name – because of course.

While one protestor could be seen getting riled up by Grohl’s gag, one woman could be seen swaying from side to side as their music played, so the message was getting through somewhat, I suppose.

It isn’t the first time the band have decided to poke fun at Westboro, either. Back in 2011, when the band learned the hate group had called for a picket at their show (also in Kansas), they hopped on the pick-up truck to perform “Keepin’ It Clean” – a song which features the line: “think I’m in the mood for some hot-man muffins”.

Then, in 2015, they decided to play that classic song from Rick Astley, informing them with makeshift signs that “you got Rick Roll’d”.


Their 2021 stunt comes after the rock group released an album as their disco counterparts, the Dee Gees (see what they did there), in July. It features their take on hits such as “Night Fever” and “Tragedy”.

Given that you can’t go wrong with disco, Twitter users were quick to heap praise on Grohl and his team:

Others noted the aforementioned protester who was doing her best not to dance:

Hopefully the prank leaves Westboro with some food – or rather, Foo – for thought.

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