The Washington Post’s "sexist" headline about rock icon Debbie Harry has made people furious.

The newspaper opted to share a review of the Blondie legend’s book with the following words:

Review: In her memoir, Debbie Harry proves she’s more than just a pretty blonde in tight pants.

To make matters worse, the review opens with this gem:

Even if Debbie Harry, of the band Blondie, isn’t to your taste — her voice too thin, her sexiness too blatant, her music too smooth — you can’t dismiss certain truths about her.

Let’s be clear - Harry is one of the most extraordinary figures in rock history, a pioneering songwriter new wave heroine in an industry dominated by men. There can hardly be a music fan in the world who think she’s “just a pretty blonde in tight pants”.

The Washington Post have since changed the headline and admitted they got it wrong, but not before people expressed their outrage at the original wording.

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