Debra Messing shocks fans with 'terrible' Irish accent in resurfaced clip

Debra Messing shocks fans with 'terrible'  Irish accent in resurfaced clip

In case you missed it, the trailer for Wild Mountain Thyme was released earlier this week and people had a lot of thoughts.

Directed by Moonstruck writer John Patrick Shanley, the film is a romantic comedy about the affair between two farmers and their families’ feud, set in Ireland.

If that sounds boring, maybe the disastrous Irish accents will change your mind.

Christopher Walken is in it, so his accent was destined to be terrible. (How could you make a voice like his sound Irish?) Emily Blunt doesn’t fare any better. Somehow Jamie Dornan’s is the worst of the lot – and he’s from Northern Ireland...

Suffice to say, the nation of Ireland was slightly offended.

But wait, there’s more.

Wild Mountain Thyme is actually the film adaptation of Shanley’s own play, Outside Mullingar, which ran on Broadway in 2014. The Irish Times called it “mystifyingly awful” – shall we call it mixed reviews?

And as one Twitter user pointed out, the accents were just as laughable in the stage version. Case in point: Debra Messing.

There’s no point in trying to decipher what she said.

People just can’t get over how ridiculous her accent sounds.

Others were reminded of Tom Cruise’s attempt at an Irish accent in Far and Away.

Even Susan Sarandon thought it was funny.

Later, the legend herself chimed in... then swiftly deleted her response.

What happened to all of the dialect coaches!?

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