EastEnders accidentally managed to give a massive plot line away in the credits

There was a break-in at the Vic on Friday night.

Three masked burglars wielding baseball bats broke into the pub to try and steal the pub's takings.

It all kicked off:

Landlord Mick Carter, played by Danny Dyer, even threatened to kill someone:

Propa nawty.

EastEnders fans were left with a cliffhanger. The mystery burglars were meant to remain anonymous until Monday's show in a big whodunnit.

But the more eagle-eyed of viewers had the tense finish ruined within seconds as a rogue name popped up in the credits.

One of the backstories to this episode is another member of the Carter clan - Lee - being bullied at work.

The man giving him a tough time is Osman 'Oz' Bolat:

Who didn't appear in Friday's episode.

But his name did appear in the credits:

Which sort of gives it all away...

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