6 things we learned from the first full-length ‘Friends’ reunion trailer

6 things we learned from full-length Friends re-union trailer
6 things we learned from full-length Friends re-union trailer
YouTube/HBO Max

Today HBO Max released the full-length trailer for the Friends reunion special – and it’s even more emotional than we thought it would be.

During the two-minute trailer, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer hang out with James Corden, reminisce over memories and explore a recreation of the set.

They also took some time to read through the show’s most iconic scenes and play the famous quiz game from episode 4x12. While fans were thrilled to have an official glimpse of the reunion special, it definitely left us in a nostalgic frame of mind.

Aniston, who plays Rachel Green on the series, was among the first to share the full-length trailer her Instagram account, writing: “I love my friends ❤️ Leaving this here.....”

There was definitely a lot to unpack upon viewing the trailer, so let’s begin by breaking down what we learned.

1.) We discovered whether Rachel and Ross were actually on a break

It’s the question that has been on our minds for decades: were Ross and Rachel actually on a break? During the reunion special, Corden gets to the bottom of the debacle, asking the entire cast the exact question. As the camera pans over the cast, all but one answers yes.

“Bullsh**t,” snorts LeBlanc.

6 things we learned from full-length Friends reunion trailerYouTube/HBO Max

2.) The cast didn’t meet until the first table-read

Despite having great chemistry on-and-off screen, the cast supposedly didn’t meet until their first table read. “The first table-read, that was the first time I laid eyes on any of you,” Kudrow says in the trailer.

3.) Janice is back!

Oh. My. God! The series wouldn’t be complete without Janis Hosenstein, Chandler’s clingy on-again, off-again girlfriend. In the trailer, Maggie Wheeler, the actress who plays Janice, makes a small cameo. In addition, Tom Selleck is also spotted in the trailer. Selleck played Monica’s older boyfriend Richard on the series.

6 things we learned from full-length Friends reunion trailerYouTube

4.) We finally got a glimpse of some of the A-list guest stars

In addition to Corden, David Beckham and Lady Gaga being announced as guest stars, fans also spotted model Cara Delevingne in the trailer, strutting the runway in a Rachel’s Little Bo Peep dress. Rachel wore the hideous pink dress to Barry and Mindy’s wedding during episode 02x24.

6 things we learned from full-length Friends reunion trailerYouTube

5.) Courteney Cox used to write her lines on the dining table

While walking through the recreated set at Stage 24 at Warner Bros. studios, LeBlanc walks over to the famous dining room table and asks, “Does Courtney still have her lines written on the table?”

6.) The cast actually became best friends off-screen

It’s easy to believe the cast got along on-set, but they were supposedly best friends once the cameras stopped filming. “We have such a bond from this show,” Kudrow tells Corden the trailer. “It was an incredible time,” Cox adds. “We became best friends.”

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