The ‘disturbing’ ghost in the next Ghostbusters movie has left people speechless

Remember cinemas?

As the pandemic forges on, it’s not looking likely that we’ll be getting any blockbusters at the multiplexes any time soon. Sony announced that it has pushed a number of films to later this year or 2022, including the live-action Uncharted movie, Cinderella starring Camilla Cabello (yes, that’s a thing), and crucially, Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

Was anyone eagerly waiting for yet another Ghostbusters movie? Probably not, unless you’ve really been missing Paul Rudd since he handed out cookies to election voters, but that all changed when one of the ghosts was revealed.

With another 10 months still to go until the film’s November release date, we’ve already been offered a glimpse at Muncher, the disturbing, slimy ghost that has both delighted and terrified people.

Bizarrely, Muncher was unveiled during a Ghostbusters-themed challenge in… Junior Masterchef: Spain. Though there was a video clip making the rounds, it has since been removed so we only have some screenshots to sear into our memory before the real film hits cinemas at some point in the future. (Because let’s be real, we can’t trust a release date these days.)

Muncher already has a packed schedule ahead of him. He’s apparently part of a Transformers and Ghostbusters cross-over toy, and there will also be a promotional tie-in line of Twinkies. Ostensibly, these are aimed at children, despite the fact that Muncher looks so scary that he will traumatise anyone who lays eyes on him.

The whole situation is so odd that it was practically tailor-made to become a meme.

Good luck carrying on with your day without Muncher haunting you.

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