Here's Courteney Cox forgetting one of the most famous lines in Friends

It's been 20 years since the first-ever episode of Friends and over a decade since the show finished.

But, for the most part, time didn't stop Courteney Cox, who you might just remember as playing Monica, from remembering the little details while playing a trivia game on US chat show Ellen on Tuesday.

She started off nervously, but managed to correctly identify the coffee shop the group went to every day, the actor who played Joey (OK that was was easy), what Ross said to Rachel when they broke up, the theme song to the show, Monica's best friend, Phoebe's most famous song, Joey's catchphrase and the soap opera he acted on.

However she got into some trouble when asked about ugly naked guy and then forgot one of the show's most famous lines, what Ross says when he is moving his sofa with Chandler and Rachel.

You can watch the video below:

Cox was on the show promoting her directorial debut, Just Before I Go. The star also had a mini reunion with fellow Friends star and real life BFF Jennifer Anniston at the film's premiere on Monday. We guess they took I'll be There For You to heart (sorry not sorry).

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