As Christmas is over, it's OK to start destroying the holiday's joyful traditions, right?

Actor Seth Rogen has done just that by dismantling one of our most treasured Christmas traditions: the movie Home Alone.

Literally everyone should know this by now, but if you don't, the film follows the mischievous hijinx of Kevin McCalister, who's left home alone as his giant family go holidaying abroad. That happens more than once, by the way - do you not love your son?

Around this time of year, people across the nation - ney, across the world - get together with family to watch the young boy get one, and another and another one, over robbers Joe Pesci and his sidekick Daniel Stern.

One of the most quoted scenes in both the first film and the sequel sees Kevin watching a black and white film called Angels with Filthy Souls.

He uses the main character, a suited and booted psychopath with a gun, to prevent first the robbers, and then hotel staff, from coming into his home and hotel room in the first and second films respectively.

In fact, it's where we get the following tag-line, now printed on mugs and notebooks and holiday jumpers:

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.

It turns out, Angels with Filthy Souls is not a real film.

Rogen dropped the bomb on Twitter:

My entire childhood, I thought the old timey movie that Kevin watches in Home Alone (Angels With Filthy Souls) was actually an old movie.

Captain America's Chris Evans was shocked to his core.

As was the rest of the internet...

The fake movie had a fake sequel?!

Producers and writers were very dedicated to this orchestrated lie.

They made a movie for a movie.

Meta madness right here.

It's the end of days.

After destroying our childhoods, Seth Rogen wanted to let us know he was sorry.

Is nothing sacred anymore?

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