Why people are praising Jameela Jamil for wearing pyjamas to the Emmys

Why people are praising Jameela Jamil for wearing pyjamas to the Emmys

A very surreal virtual Emmys ceremony has come and gone, and while some celebrities decided to glam up at home, Jameela Jamil decided to dress down.

The actor and star of The Good Place (which was nominated for seven awards) took advantage of the relaxed dress code and ditched the heels, choosing instead to wear a pyjama set from JJWinks.

Jamil shared her Emmy outfit on Instagram, as she cosied up on the couch to watch the ceremony from home.

“No bra? No heels? NO PROBLEM,” she wrote in the caption. “Wearing PJ’s to the 72nd Emmy awards (from my house) is my kind of vibes.”

“I still did my make-up and wore a sequin dressing gown, because... It’s what Tahani would have wanted", she added, referencing her The Good Place character.

"And this is her day, not mine.”

While the Emmy awards usually require attendees to go glam for the ceremony, Jamil's outfit was a refreshing change from the demanding dress code. Fans flooded Jamil’s comments to praise her choice of comfort over style.

“We should normalize wearing pjs anywhere,” one commented.

“I love this, Jameela. So grateful for your boisterous and unvarnished self,” another fan wrote.

One fan even pondered if Jamil will inspire others to embrace the no bra look. “I’m wondering if the pandemic is going to kill the bra industry", they said. ”They seem so constraining now.”

As an outspoken feminist, Jamil’s outfit choice is on-brand for the actor, who has repeatedly decried the unfair beauty standards placed on women. In 2018, she wrote an essay for the BBC calling for a ban on airbrushing and filters.

"I think [airbrushing is] a disgusting tool that has been weaponised, predominantly against women, and is responsible for so many more problems than we realise because we are blinded by the media, our culture and our society,” she wrote.

If only you could wear pyjamas to the Emmys every year.

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