Jennifer Lawrence will make twice as much as Chris Pratt in their next film

Last year reports Sony had tried to pay Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence less than her male co-stars in American Hustle led to widespread outrage.

Nothing was ever confirmed by Sony and it is unknown how much Lawrence was paid for the film. But the scandal means reports the actress will make nearly twice as much as her co-star Chris Pratt is their forthcoming sci-fi drama Passengers (apparently it's Gravity with romance) are being welcomed.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Lawrence will make $20 million from the film (plus 30 per cent of any profits), with Pratt earning only ('only') $12 million. Pratt had been set to pocket $10 million but his salary was bumped up after the success of Jurassic World.

It's worth noting that the reason Lawrence earning more than Pratt is news is because it is so unusual.

The Hollywood gender pay gap is well established: Last year Forbes analysed the pay of the ten top-earning male and female actors in Hollywood and found the men earned a combined $419 million between June 2013-14 compared to $226 million for the women.

Passengers will begin filming in September.

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