As it is the season you can guarantee that you’ll see plenty of Love Actually parodies hitting your social media timelines. 

In the past, we’ve seen Brexit and general election-related takes on the slightly creepy scene where Andrew Lincoln holds up placards to confess his love for Keira Knightley, which came in at fifth on our ranking of storylines from Richard Curtis’ festive favourite. 

The first person to strike this year is US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, who with the help of Dr Frakenstein has put together a rather stunning but equally unsettling version of that scene.

It starts with Kimmel ringing the front door of the White House where he is greeted with a proportionately exaggerated Trump but the face is spot on. Just like the scene plays out in the movie we hear a call from another room asking who is there. This time, rather than Chiwetel Ejiofor, it is Melania Trump who responds “Who is this Carol Singer? One of your hookers?” after being told that it is carol singers. 

From there Kimmel begins to present Trump with his message and begins by telling him that within a year he should be in prison. But its not all doom and gloom for the president. Kimmel then presents Trumps with some of his biggest achievements while he has been in the White House.

“But for now let me say. It’s Christmas. (And at Christmas you tell the truth). You’ve told over 20,000 lies. Paid only $750 in taxes. You deny science. You tried to ban TikTok. And buy Greenland.”

Not long after this we see an appearance of Melania, which is an even better deepfake than Trump, who informs the president that she is leaving him to which Kimmel responds “She’s probably still mad about Stormy.”

Kimmel then makes a quick joke about Donald Trump Jr, before Kimmel actually speaks for the first team having just realised something. “Wait, you can’t read, can you?” he asks, to which Trump replies “Nope, reading’s for losers.”

Aside from mocking women, sex workers and the illiterate, it's a very well-made and executed segment. Watch the full clip in the link below.

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