Jimmy Kimmel trolled Trump with a hilarious video of his reaction to being beaten by Biden in the polls.

As a Fox News correspondent calmly reads out a statement from the Trump campaign, the 'voice' of the man himself can be heard having a tantrum and throwing things out of the White House window in the background.

Trump's reaction to his likely loss of the presidency has been compared to a child throwing a tantrum multiple times.

Because, let's face it, he's been about as dignified.

Trump spent months setting up the idea that the election is rigged against him, which he doubled down on in a "pathetic" rambling speech.

True to form, he also had a complete Twitter 'meltdown' as his election hopes faded further and further away.

So, although exaggerated, Kimmel's video isn't actually too far from reality. In fact, it was described as scarily "close to the truth".

A dignified exit isn't exactly what any of us expected from Trump.

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