John Lewis (the man) has hilarious reaction to this year's John Lewis Christmas advert

John Lewis (the man) has hilarious reaction to this year's John Lewis Christmas advert

2020 hardly seems like a year worth celebrating but you can't help but feel all warm and fuzzy when the John Lewis Christmas advert drops.

This year's mostly animated advert is hardly a classic but we're happy it exists as it shows the love and kindness can always prevail even in the most trying of circumstances.

However, one thing that always comes whenever the new advert is release is the response from the man who owns the John Lewis Twitter handle. If you haven't got a clue what we are talking about, allow us to explain.

Back in 2007, before everyone had a Twitter account, John Lewis from Blacksburg, Virginia registered the Twitter handle @johnlewis, seemingly unaware that there was a very popular department store in the UK with the same name.

Ever since then, John has been inundated with comments from random people about products in the shop and other miscellaneous complaints such as refunds and returns. It became such a phenomenon that in 2018, Twitter even made their own Christmas advert for the man.

We're happy to report that his response to this year's advert is a lot more positive than the reaction he had last year when he found himself swamped with comments.

Using the hashtag for the advert, John appeared to be suggesting that he 'wasn't crying' at the new advert.

This prompted the actual John Lewis shop account to reply to him, asking if there was 'something in his eye?'

He wasn't done there and after someone asked him what he made of this year's ad, after accidentally being tagged in a tweet he quoted a line from the classic comedy movie Airplane.

On Thursday, the day before the advert was released, John suggested that he knew something was around the corner.

All is well that ends well. It really isn't Christmas until we've heard from John Lewis, is it?

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