Trump fan fooled into thinking that he met Keanu Reeves thanks to awful lookalike

A Donald Trump fan has been roundly mocked online for confusing a pretty ropey lookalike with the actual Keanu Reeves.

The screengrab of the now-deleted post was shared on Reddit and people had some sensational responses, ranging from “I loved him in Will and Jed’s Exceptional Adventures” to “Be OK to each other”. One person astutely observed, “Someone tried to draw Keanu from memory”.

The image ended up on Twitter, as is so often the way, and the result was plenty more mocking for the man who’d made the unfathomable error.

Some felt the mistake proved a point.

The best part is that it now transpires that even the lookalike in the photograph had no idea what was going on.

HT The Poke

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