Movie fans genuinely can't believe the mid credits scene from 'The King's Man' is real

Movie fans genuinely can't believe the mid credits scene from 'The King's Man' is real
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The King's Man (2021) serves as a prequel to the spy series, but one mid-credit scene has raised viewers eyebrows on social media over the portrayal of one historical figure.

Spoilers ahead:

Set in the 1900s, the plot follows pacifist Orlando Oxford (Ralph Fiennes) as he attempts to defeat an evil organisation which "The Shepherd" is in charge of and has managed to recruit real historical figures such as Vladimir Lenin, Grigori Rasputin, and Erik Jan Hanussen.

Their aim is to take down monarchies of Europe and Russia (King George of England, Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, and Tsar Nicholas Romanov of Russia), and attempt to do so by influencing World War I.

In direct opposition to them, Oxford founded the Kingsman intelligence agency, with the aim of "preserving peace and protecting life" and with The Shepherd being killed, The Kingsman ultimately win out in the end.

For now, that is, as an evasive “Moustached Man” (David Kross) is spotted during German’s Kaiser Wilhelm II's abdication (Tom Hollander) and at a photo shoot where he assassinates Russia’s Tsar Nicholas II and his family.

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A mid-credit scene then plays where we see Hanussen take on The Shepherd's identity as he seeks to galvanize the flock which he discusses with Lenin.

“Now it’s time to address the balance of my new flock,” Hanussen tells Lenin “Thanks to you, comrade, our left hand is strong but as you once said, our right-hand needs strengthening.”

There is then an ominous knock at the door, as the "Moustached Man" enters.

“This young man will come to rival your position in this world, my friend,” Hanussen explains.

“It is an honour, Comrade Lenin,” the mysterious "Moustached Man" says. “And your name?” Lenin asks while shaking his hand, there's a momentary pause to build the tension as the man reveals himself and replies: “Adolf Hitler."

The scene has since been criticised online, with viewers slated its historical accuracy as Hitler never forced Kaiser Wilhelm to abdicate, nor did he kill the Romanovs, or even meet Lenin.

In reality, Hitler was serving as a soldier in the Bavarian army when the film was set, long before his rise to power and so the film does use its artistic license to the extreme in this respect.

Although there is some truth to Hitler and Hanussen's relationship as Hanussen, an Austrian Jewish clairvoyant performer is said to have taught the Nazi German dictator about using dramatic pauses, controlling crowds when giving public speeches.

Viewers also slammed how Hitler is portrayed, comparing him to some sort of comic book character in the scene.

"The mid-credits scene for The King's Man introduces Hitler as if he's f***ing Nick Fury at the end of Iron Man," one viral tweet read which echoed this sentiment.

It seems many people agreed, as the tweet gained over 20,000 likes and people were quick to share their shock at the scene and couldn't quite believe what they had watched.

The inclusion of the Hitler scene was perhaps a teaser to a possible sequel as director Matthew Vaughn said The King’s Man 2 would be set around 10 years after the first movie.

We'll just have to wait and see - but until then, there is another Kingsman film on the way, set in the present-day which Vaughn revealed will start filming in September 2022 and is intended to be released in 2023, reported.

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