Kylie Jenner shows off ‘amazing’ water pressure after being mocked for disappointing shower

Well, it was nice to imagine that we had a better shower than Kylie Jenner for at least a few days.

Earlier this week, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star gave her Instagram followers a tour of her bathroom which backfired spectacularly. She showed off her pink marble bathroom that was let down by the fact that her shower appeared to have extremely weak water pressure.

The video quickly went viral as Jenner was relentlessly mocked for her questionable bathroom feature choices.

Naturally, it turns out that Jenner is so rich that she owns more than one measly shower. The bathroom she toured earlier was just her office one, and in response to being roasted on social media, she took to Instagram to set matters straight and prove she actually has “amazing” water pressure.

“I keep seeing on the internet my f***ing shower,” she said. Jenner proceeded to demonstrate her large home shower with a device that lets you set the exact temperature of the water. For what it’s worth, she’s a 102 degrees Fahrenheit person.

See, she doesn’t just have enviable water pressure, she doesn’t even need a knob to turn her shower on. Oh, to be wealthy.

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