The Lion King has landed in cinemas, 25 years after the release of the original Disney classic.

For whatever reason, the latest version of the Hamlet-inspired romp is a photorealistic computer animated remake. The film hasn’t been all that well received despite the groundbreaking visual effects - the backlash agains the new rendering of Hakuna Matata in particluar sparked serious outrage.

There has now been a major revelation related to Simba, according to Dallas Zoo the young Simba was based on their own very own Bahati, a female lion.

BAHATI OR SIMBA? The world's most famous lion cub may have gotten some of his moves from our very own Bahati! When Bahati was just a month old, we provided Disney with video of her movements for their animation team to use for motion and behavior reference when designing Simba in The Lion King. From walking on wobbly new legs, to licking milk droplets off of her face, we captured every moment, no matter how small.

The posts ends by asking fans to let the Dallas Zoo know if they a 'bit of baby Bahati in Simba', and we have to admit, the resembelance is striking. Not to mention as cute as cute can be.

Enjoy the content, it means no worries for the rest of your days.

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