Marvel star who plays genius scientist in Black Panther shocks fans by sharing ‘dangerous’ anti-vaxxer video

A star from the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become embroiled in backlash after sharing a video questioning the validity of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Letitia Wright was criticised by fans for sharing an hour-long video by YouTube channel On The Table that attempts to cast doubt on the safety of vaccinations. The actor tweeted the video along with a prayer hands emoji, suggesting an endorsement of the incorrect claims.

This is not what we had on our 2020 bingo card.

Ironically, Wright is best known for playing scientist Shuri in Black Panther, who is the smartest person in the MarvelCinematicUniverse, according to directors Joe and Anthony Russo.  

The actor has also received acclaim for her roles in Black Mirror and Steve McQueen’s Small Axe series.

Make no mistake, the arguments made in the video, which is hosted by minister Tomi Arayomi, are incorrect. Arayomi states from the outset that he “doesn’t understand vaccines medically” but remains sceptical of them. He then suggests he doesn’t trust them because he’s had the flu after receiving the flu vaccine, despite the fact that the flu vaccine has never been 100 per cent effective.

When fans called out Wright for dangerously misusing her platform, she accused them of “cancelling” her for asking questions and not “conforming to popular opinions”.

The actor also responded to fans directly, telling one person that she only agreed with the video’s point about asking questions about the efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Actor Don Cheadle, who plays War Machine in the Marvel franchise, also chimed in on the controversy after fans sent Wright’s tweets to him and said that he will discuss it with her directly.

Immediately following the backlash, Wright started trending on Twitter, as fans shared their frustrations and disappointment in the actor – and spared a thought for her publicist.

Hopefully, the influence of her Black Panther character will rub off on her by the time the sequel comes around.

Letitia Wright has been contacted for comment.

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