Muse have released a song called ‘We Are F***ing F***ed’ and people think it sums things up well

Muse have released a song called ‘We Are F***ing F***ed’ and people think it sums things up well
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Every once in a while, a song comes along and describes the current state of UK politics using some particularly strong language. “Boris Johnson Is Still A F***ing C***” reached number five in the UK charts in December, and now Muse has a song out called “We Are F***ing F***ed”.

Cheery stuff, that.

The track is the last song from the rock band’s ninth studio album Will Of The People, which was released on Friday.

Lyrics from the track read: “We’re at death’s door / Another world war / Wildfires and earthquakes I foresaw / A life in crisis / Mutated virus / Tsunamis of hate are gonna drown us.”

Meanwhile, its outro involves singer Matt Bellamy saying “f*** off” – cheers for that one, Matt.

Oh, and the chorus is simple enough, as it’s basically “Ahhhh / We are getting f***ed.”

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And we can’t help but feel like the ‘aaah’ really sums up the collective screaming into the void many of us have felt tempted to do amid unprecedented heatwaves, Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, a deadly pandemic and a prime minister attending lockdown-busting parties.

Twitter, it seems, agrees with us, with users on the social media platform describing the song as a “mood”:

In an interview with NME about the themes of the album – which was written during the coronavirus pandemic - Bellamy said: “We’re living in a time where it’s really important to be able to sustain yourself through things like lengthy power cuts, cyberattacks, food supply crises, energy crisis.

“These things are going to start playing out now. But then at the same time, we don’t want to lose sight of the things that hold us together, the social connections that we have.”

Muse are now set to perform tracks from the album in their upcoming world tour, which includes a string of sold out concerts in the UK in May and June next year.

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